Nate Tessman

Game Design & Unity Dev


works in progress

Goo Game

A block pushing game.

Shifting Catacombs

Revisiting the original concept of my Ludum Dare 38 game. Solve puzzles in ancient, ever-shifting structures and uncover forgotten technology and magic!

Unity Assets

Assets I have contributed to

PortalKit PRO - Configuration Window UI & UX

I built the settings menu to mirror the vanilla unity experience as closely as possible.

The import process was streamlined to make it a one-click operation.

PortalKit PRO Asset Link

Game Jams

games made fast

The Shifting Catacombs of Mu'ralagh LD38

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Monolith GMTKJam

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Bathoven GGJ17

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Bits & Bobs

Other projects & experiments

Basic Shapes

Inspired by architectural exercises; by drag-n-dropping blocks, build the matching 3D model for several reference 2D views.


Solve puzzles by wrapping flexible wires around nodes and restoring power to a lonely crumbling world.

TMG: Too Many Guns

You are a lone ship facing hordes of enemies in a space graveyard. You must survive by absorbing the dropped weapons of your enemies, but be careful! The more weapons you possess, the more your limited power source is drained.

This was made as an unfinished entry for Ludum Dare Compo 39: Running Out of Power.